Severe weather such as flooding, high winds and snow can cause residents to evacuate their homes or stay in their homes for a protracted period. To find out what to do during these events, click on the links below.

There is lots of information on the Met Office Weather Ready website which can be viewed

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Preparing for emergencies

Emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night and strike sometimes without much warning. It is important that where possible you plan for emergencies, just in case you get caught up.


Prepare a grab bag that contains essential supplies such as bottled water, tinned or dried food, medication, warm clothing and torches or battery operated radios etc.


Find out how to turn off the water, gas and electricity supply to your house.


Know what the emergency procedures are for your workplace and where relevant your child’s school.


If an emergency occurs, tune into BBC radio Lancashire or follow key agencies on social media; including us @LancashireFRS on Twitter or Facebook.