Have you considered preparing your business in the event of a disruption to your normal operations? Such incidents that could affect your business include:

  • A fire
  • Flooding
  • Cyber attack/technology failures
  • Severe weather
  • Staff illness/pandemic
  • Arson
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Electric/gas supplies failed

Ensuring arrangements are in place can be vital to recover quickly and continue to function following that disruption.

In order to carry out effective pre-planning for any operational interruption鈥檚 considerations could be:

  • Identify key products and services
  • Assess your risks by carrying out a fire risk assessment
  • Having a strategy in place in the event of one of those disruptions
  • Implementing and training staff on that strategy
  • Checklist of actions within the initial stages and beyond if the disruption to business is protracted
  • Preparing an emergency pack with key contact details of staff and service providers both on site and digitally
  • Contacting the landlord
  • Contacting insurers
  • Legal advisors
  • Known location of shut off points
  • Floor plans

Loss of premises

  • What if you could not gain access to the building do you have an alternative location to run business? Temporarily suspend services?
  • How would customers contact you
  • How would suppliers contact you
  • Having electronic copies of documents should the documents be destroyed by fire
  • Consider security of the site to prevent against arson, theft, vandalism

Loss of staff/suppliers

  • What is the optimum number of staff to continue to function
  • Could you use agency workers
  • Back up suppliers?

Loss of utilities

  • Do you have portable heaters, electricity generator, bottled water
  • Contacting utility providers to resume business as normal

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