Are you a Responsible Person?

This (opens in a new tab) explains what a responsible person is, and the legal duties that a responsible person has.


If you have identified that you are a responsible person or someone with duties under fire safety legislation, these (opens in a new tab) with help you to:

  • Understand what you need to do to comply with fire safety law.
  • Carry out and review a fire risk assessment.
  • Identify the general fire precautions you need to put in place and maintain.

The linked documents have been written to guide a responsible person through the process of carrying out a fire risk assessment in less complex offices and shops. If you read the guides and decide that you are unable to apply the guidance, then you should seek expert advice from a competent person. It is likely that more complex premises will need to be assessed by a person who has comprehensive training or experience in fire risk assessment, however, these guides can be used for multi-occupied buildings to address fire safety issues within their individual occupancies.

Fire Risk Assessment

The risk assessment process involves an inspection of the premises to identify potential fire hazards, to ensure adequate measures to stop fires starting and the adequate fire protection measures are in place to protect everyone in the building.

You can carry out a fire risk assessment yourself as a responsible person if you are competent. Competency is defined as having the relevant knowledge, training, and experience. If your premises is outside of your competency to carry out a fire risk assessment, you should seek advice from a competent person.

For small, simpler premises the UK Government’s (opens in a new tab) and other premises specific small premises guidance is available. If your non-domestic premises falls outside the scope of these guides, you should base your fire precautions, and your fire risk assessment, on the most relevant guide from the suite of relevant (opens in a new tab). UK Government Means of Escape for Disabled Persons guidance is a supplementary guide and should be read alongside other UK Government Fire Safety Guidance. It provides additional information on accessibility and means of escape for disabled people.

Guidance on Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor

If you do appoint a fire risk assessor, we recommend you ensure they are competent to do so, in terms of having sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities. It remains the case that the Responsible Person has a duty to make sure that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is completed.

Please see this (opens file in a new tab).

Additional Guidance


  • Fire guide for purpose built flats with supporting guidance from 聽 – guidance on assessing the external wall fire risk in multi occupied residential buildings and, although watermarked as 鈥榳ithdrawn鈥, the principles in the remain appropriate for fire doors
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015

Care organisations

Other buildings and premises


Arson prevention

Business safety videos

Fire Safety in Smaller Premises

On the 30 March 2023, HM Government published three new fire risk assessment guidance documents*:

  1. (Purpose Built or converted to building regs 1991 or later).
  2. .
  3. .

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What Responsible Persons Must Consider

Each guidance document explains its limitations and scope; if the nature of your premises falls outside the scope or limitations set out in the guidance, it will not be suitable to apply it to that premises.

Responsible persons with premises which are beyond the scope and limitations of the small premises documents should still refer to the relevant fire risk assessment guidance documents and/or seek guidance from a competent person.

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